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RT @codingequanimi2: Converting my 1st algorithm into . So far, the Rust is just as easy as the Python. Best part is where… source: twitter.com/rustlang/status/10

goodie bags are shaping up to be full of the most amazing hardware on the planet. @adafruit has generously provided powered hackable hardware! t.co/vPrSfxypsL source: twitter.com/hackaday/status/10

RT @abhi12ravi: Talking about how @rustlang can help you speed up your modules this weekend.
If you're in Hyderabad, catch me at @… source: twitter.com/rustlang/status/10

#YunoHost will be at the PyCon Fr 2018 😋 !

Feel free to join our team to contribute during a sprint (Thursday 6th and Friday 7th) !


#pycon #pyconfr #python

I've written a #blog post about writing and using #brutaldon. If you've followed my microblogging on development, there's not much new, but it's a short read if you're interested.


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#Perl est un langage de programmation plus égalitaire que #Ruby ou #Python : y a pas de système de classe 😛