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Alright #foss lovers, which web browser are you using on #android these days?

I just flashed #lineageos on my phone, and pausing to think about software choices.

I was previously using fennec, which worked well enough. Curious what else is out there/recommended.

4k trackers (and counting) blocked in just over 2 weeks. And I don't even have any Google apps on my phone...

Can't imagine what a bloody mess tracking must be on a standard Android device.

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Also, what happens if I reboot the phone now? Will it be bricked? I wiped the data partition (point 5.) and then wiped both cache and system (point 7.) and at this point I don't know if there's still an OS on the phone or not...

#LineageOS #Samsung

Lineage OS has started including Google spyware by default. This is highly harmful to its users, specially those who want a fully FLOSS smartphone OS.


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Now got on my Nexus 5 phone, son great !

So guys ! Need recommandations for good android apps (not google apps I mean) on #lineageOS ?

#Maps ? files manager ?

Other suggestions I don't think of ?

Personnellement, je ne vois pas l'intérêt d'installer MicroG sur un #LineageOS

MicroG est une ré-implémetation libre des outils Google, si j'ai bien tout compris !


En gros, ça te permet juste d'utiliser les services de Google sans utiliser leurs outils ! Fuck Google et ses services !

Sur mon tel, le seul navigateur que j'ai à disposition, et donc le seul que j'utilise (j'ai désactivé celui de #LineageOS), c'est Klar, la version F-Droid de Firefox Focus.


Des recommandations de tablette pas trop chère ? J'aimerai installer #LineageOS dessus si possible, mais c''est juste en bonus. F-Droid et désactivation des services Google ça sera déjà ça ^^
Type d'utilisation : lecture web, BD, Netflix (?)

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