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The Tor Project

Yup, it's "difficult to modify browsers so that they are less vulnerable to [fingerprinting]," but we do it in Tor Browser.

When we say Tor protects against tracking and surveillance on the web, we mean it. source:

RT @trevorpaglen: Autonomy Cube w/ 4 @torproject relays capable of ~800Mbps is now online at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. See you a… source:

European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs voted to move forward with Article 11 and Article 13.

The legislation will now have to undergo a plenary vote by the full Parliament. source:

RT @LuisCarlos: Curiosamente el bloqueo de @torproject en Venezuela ocurre con Cantv y no con otras operadoras.
Basta configurarlo como si… source:

RT @torproject: This would break the internet.

Imagine YouTube Content ID, but for everything: blog comments, tweets, Github commits, Ins… source:

RT @EFF: Reddit and other online platforms have come out against , warning that it will likely lead to “the effective shutdown of… source:

"Rekognition marketing materials read like a user manual for authoritarian surveillance."

"We're blowing the whistle before it's too late." - @ACLU source:

RT @Info_Activism: Although Japan might not have a reputation for internet censorship or online authoritarianism, several Localization Lab… source:

Yowza. A bug in macOS can expose the contents of a user's files -- including document text and photo thumbnails -- even if the drive is encrypted. source:

RT @L10nLab: Check out our latest interview with a group of Japanese localizers as they talk about censorship and how they plan on promotin… source:

RT @EFF: Everyone needs to know just how wildly dangerous the European Union’s vote this week could be for the global Internet, and the und… source:

RT @doctorow: SHARE THIS!

The EU's new censorship rules go to a vote in TWO DAYS and your MEPs are selling you out! Write to them at https… source:

IN TWO DAYS the votes of 10 Members of the parliament will determine if the internet remains open and free from censorship in the EU.

Write to them at source:

For friends where our website is blocked: you can still download Tor Browser and access critical resources and sites.

Send a DM to @get_tor with your OS, and you'll receive download links. source:

RT @aquintex: Bringing up more @torproject exit nodes - and moving some to dedicated hardware instead of VMs. Hope to increase bandwidth.… source:

RT @torproject: You shouldn't be exploited for using the internet. Take a stand against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.

Power t… source:

A company run by former officials at Cambridge Analytica has quietly been working for Trump’s 2020 re-election effort. source: