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The Tor Project

RT @tommycollison: You can donate to @torproject as part of the @DuckDuckGo Privacy Challenge. Help power internet freedom!… source:

RT @derechosdigital: Si trabajas por la justicia social en un país autoritario y tu página web corre el riesgo de ser censurda, una buena o… source:

RT @citizenlab: NEW REPORT: Bad Traffic: Deep Packet Inspection Devices Used to Deploy
Government Spyware in Turkey and Redirect Egyptian U… source:

RT @Snowden: Huge: @Citizenlab catches ISPs invisibly redirecting download requests for popular programs, injecting them with government sp… source:

Iran's blocking of Telegram violated its own rule of law, and its throttling of Telegram continued after protests ended source:

RT @ghoshawomen: On women’s rights activists condemn violence in and question state response including orders to block s… source:

About *500* websites have been blocked in Egypt. New rules are even dictating what questions journalists can ask voters about the upcoming elections.

This is "a relentless assault on free speech." source:

RT @tommycollison: The @torproject organization has grown a lot in the last 18 months, and we're not done yet. Two new positions, one part-… source:

RT @groundviews: Through the ever helpful @OpenObservatory’s app, confirmation of Govt current blocking of @WhatsApp & @facebook… source:

We have 2 new job opportunities!

🌱 Community Liaison: cultivate and nurture relationships with local people and orgs in the Global South

✏️ User Research Coordinator: coordinate user research with our volunteers around the world source:

If your org’s site is blocked anywhere in the world, if you're calling out injustices, sharing suppressed resources, or want to provide better privacy and security, creating a .onion version of your site should be your next step. source:

RT @OpenObservatory: Which questions would you like internet censorship data to answer?
Join us tomorrow @Internet… source:

RT @holantonela: 📐✏️💜
Today we launched the @torproject styleguide and I wrote a blogpost mostly to say thanks to @simplysecureorg and @ura… source: