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The Tor Project

Our newest gear just arrived to our Seattle office.

We're just a little bit excited to get these unpacked. source:

We're looking for a Data Architect experienced with Java, Python, R, and PostgreSQL codebases to join our Metrics team.

This full-time position can be done from our office in Seattle or wherever you are in the world. source:

RT @gnuhealth: Interested in and ? Don't miss @Isa keynote, executive director of the @torproject at … source:

We are very proud to welcome @nighatdad to our Board of Directors.

Nighat is an accomplished lawyer and human rights activist, and she is one of the pioneers campaigning for access to a safe and open internet in Pakistan. source:

"Microsoft systematically collects data on a large scale about the individual use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Covertly, without informing people. Microsoft does not offer any choice..." source:

RT @EFF: "How do I protect my web browsing?” is one of the most common questions people ask when they start learning about digital security… source:

RT @YarnoRitzen: The crazy irony here is that I need to use Tor to connect to the website because is sadly blocked… source:

We've raised $105,722 for internet freedom in just a few weeks with @mozilla's match!

There's strength in numbers -- if every Tor user gave just $1, we would surpass our fundraising goals several times over.

Make a donation now for someone who can't: source:

Toronto! If you have questions about securing your privacy online, come learn about Tor and anonymity on Wednesday evening at @torontolibrary - North York. source:

Uganda's new Social Media Tax is a major blow to internet freedom.

A new report by @DefendDefenders & @OpenObservatory documents what methods ISPs are using to implement the blocks to social media and circumvention tools: source:

RT @EFF: Face recognition:
- is often implemented with little oversight or privacy protection
- may lead to faulty systems
- disproportiona… source:

Upstream surveillance is unlawful.

"It’s as if the NSA sent agents to the U.S. Postal Service’s major processing centers to engage in continuous searches of everyone’s international mail." source:

You shouldn't be exploited for using the internet. Your activity shouldn't be tracked and sold or worse.

Donate now to stand up for , and protect the privacy of millions: source:

RT @Snowden: There are false reports going around that I endorsed something called "Iron Chat," based on a fraudulent marketing by the comp… source:

If you are transgender, non-binary, or intersex, your rights deserve affirmation.

If you want to research or communicate in private, without surveillance or targeting because of your online activities, we're here for you.

Download Tor: source:

RT @privacyint: TODAY we filed complaints against 7 companies’ systematic data exploitation

They exploit data abou… source:

RT @InternetFF: 📣 Reminder: The deadline to submit your sessions for the IFF is this Friday, November 9. If you are an Internet Freedom def… source:

RT @JulieOwono: This is absolutely shocking, unacceptable: authorities detain @pressfreedom staff Angela Quintal and Muthoki Mumo… source: