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The Tor Project

RT @accessnow: What do governments think about ? Here are recent replies to Access Now & allies. … source:

EU lawmakers agreed to strengthen privacy rules for online messaging and email services such as WhatsApp & Skype… source:

ICYMI: Tor Co-Founder Roger Dingledine talks next-gen onion services, Tor myths, and more at @defcon 25 source:

RT @OpenObservatory: OONI e Tor, sono software liberi per la libertà!
Intervista a @hellais su @KudosTV per @RaiQuattro:… source:

RT @agrabeli_: Due to their sensitive nature, minority group sites are more likely to be blocked, and we're less likely to notice.
https://… source:

RT @OpenObservatory: Internet Censorship in Pakistan: Findings from 2014-2017
Our research report w/… source:

RT @OpenTechFund: Adding an OONI Run button to test your website for censorship is easy - just generate a button here and embed! https://t.… source:

RT @freeBogatov: Thank you @torproject for your message of support to Dmitry Bogatov, arrested exit node operator who risks 14,… source:

RT @ystvns: Friends & folks in Montreal! Come see @torproject's Roger Dingledine tomorrow at 6pm! Join the reception after too… source:

RT @CICCTweet: @torproject in Mtl today! Internet privacy in the age of big surveillance with
R. Dingledine @BiellaColeman… source:

RT @mrphs: See you tomorrow (Sunday) 13:30 at “Morozko” room. Bring all of your Tor questions source: