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RT @todayininfosec: 2002: Roger Dingledine announced the pre-alpha version of software for the onion routing network, now more commonly kno… source:

Tor users: We need your help!

What do you use Tor for? Why do you need it? What has Tor done for you? What could have happened if you weren’t able to use Tor?

Here's how you can share your story with us: source:

RT @arenitasoria: El próximo 4 de octubre, vamos a juntarnos con las mujeres dentro del @torproject para hablar de anonimato, privacidad, y… source:

We’re happy to see @Cloudflare enact a solution that not only will make the browsing experience smoother for our users but also takes advantage of the cryptographic protections of onion services. source:

RT @FIMSGradLib: ICYMI: This computer @FIMSGradLib uses a @torproject relay, linking it to a global network of servers that provides anonym… source:

Facebook allowed employers to exclude "female and other non-male" prospective applicants from receiving job opportunities.

The @ACLU has filed discrimination charges against FB and 10 employers.

.onion link: source:

RT @torproject: For friends where Tor is blocked:

You can now choose additional bridges right inside Tor Browser.

We hope this will all… source:

RT @ggreenwald: Revealed: The Justice Dept's secret rules for targeting journalists with FISA court orders source:

RT @theintercept: The U.S. government can monitor journalists under a foreign intelligence law that allows invasive spying and operates out… source:

Google’s secret prototype search engine for China reportedly links users’ mobile phone numbers to what search terms they’ve used. source:

"Public libraries have long been defenders of intellectual freedom - the right to pursue different ideas or research, without fear of judgment or reprisal."

That's why @torontolibrary is bringing Tor Browser to its Learning Centre computers. source:

Verizon customers, trapped by Hurricane Florence, say they're being throttled and upsold.

"There's no outage, just corporations sucking dry a community that [has] already lost so much." source:

Access Now is calling on 22 major tech companies to account for their human rights practices.

Each company has been given a deadline of September 26, 2018, to answer this call. source:

RT @L10nLab: The good news: @torproject 's Support Portal is available in 11 languages!

The bad news: It's not available in
… source:

RT @Phoul: Dear Tor relay operators:

tor 0.3.2.x will be EOL on October 9th. This means the network team will stop maintaining it, and 0.3… source:

RT @EFF: The House of Representatives only has until the end of this session to restore the Open Internet Order. Contact your congressperso… source:

“Due to my conviction that dissent is fundamental to functioning democracies, I am forced to resign in order to avoid contributing to, or profiting from, the erosion of protection for dissidents.” source: