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Rust Language

RT @jgrahamc: Interested in recommendations on the best physical book on @rustlang. source:

RT @itchyankles: Anybody have any experience teaching @rustlang as a first language? What was the experience like? source:

RT @sscdotopen: Announcing my first crate in @rustlang today: recoreco - fast item-based recommendations on the command line -… source:

RT @ElkimXOC: Best way to start with @rustlang ? Second, should I start with it if all I know is bit of HTML and CSS? :D


RT @timClicks: update: signal handling/exceptions chapter is back from my development editor at @ManningBooks! Comments from… source:

RT @Carols10cents: The video course @JakeGoulding and I have been working on is now in early access! And I have a discount code f… source:

RT @lunafiko: Are there any good resources to learn programming in Rust as a first language? (as in, "as someone who's interested… source:

RT @Erstejahre: I have @rustlang in production now - actix and lifx light bulb control, with party hard mode :D next to add a rest api for… source:

RT @mickaelistria: Hey @rustlang fans, in "Eclipse IDE for Rust Developers", that you can get in , you've got a ric… source:

RT @hellokarthic: Are you an Undergrad, Looking to learn @rustlang. Here's an amazing Rust course for free by @jayeshkattar .Check out the… source:

RT @living_syn: i'd really love some code review from the @rustlang community on a library i wrote to do ranked choice instant runoff votin… source:

RT @faernn: We went ahead and wrote a safe @rustlang crate wrapping libnftnl. We have used that in our product for quite a while now, works… source:

RT @greyblake: Question for @rustlang folk: how do you test panics in custom derive macros? Are there any examples? source:

RT @Joab_Jackson: .@rustlang's performance was so good (in one case 32% faster than "carefully implemented C" code), that @bcantrill is "lo… source: