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Rust Language

RT @mgattozzi: Fun @rustlang fact. You can define functions inside functions using the fn syntax instead of using a closure.… source:

RT @_arthas: And so here's my first ever @rustlang crate, to be used to deal with Italian "codice fiscale": source:

RT @bitshifternz: I have a follow up post on matching the performance of @aras_p's C++ SSE code Also a bit more de… source:

RT @newrustacean: e024: Traits Deep Dive, Part II

Operators as sugar for traits, traits as generic constraints, mo… source:

RT @sebasmagri: En 2019 se realizará la primera edición de la conferencia itinerante de @rustlang para latinoamérica en Montevideo, Uruguay… source:

RT @axesilo: That feel when you learn more about data structures and algorithms from the @rustlang documentation than from all the textbook… source:

RT @madrustaceans: Animáos a participar en @commitconf hablando de @rustlang. Si os aceptan, mandadnos un DM o escribid a rustaceansinmadri… source:

RT @Gisleburt: "Cargo will also treat any files located in src/bin/*.rs as executables":

The specific tutorial I w… source:

RT @Gisleburt: Just discovered @rustlang figures out src/bin automagically (you don't _need_ to be explicit in Cargo.toml) and it took me a… source:

RT @ag_dubs: the 2018 participants span 9 timezones and 11 countries. 64% are non-native English speakers, and the group, as a w… source:

RT @ag_dubs: meet this year's participants! we're super excited to welcome them to the @rustlang community!… source:

RT @dika10sune: buried lead on the @Dropbox article about their fancy new compression system: it's all written in @rustlang and a WASM demo… source:

RT @rustwasm: We need *lots* of help implementing bindings for ALL the ECMAScript global functions and objects! Come get involved in wasm-b… source: