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Rust Language

RT @man0lis: I just published my first @rustlang crate \o/ - a parser for ultrastar song files - I think… source:

RT @dfrankland_: Just created wasm-zopfli, a WebAssembly compiled Zopfli library, using @Carols10cents's zopfli @rustlang crate. No… source:

RT @_AlK: I aggregated some @rustlang GitHub repositories, if you'd be interested to compare solutions!… source:

RT @booyaa: Had a little play of @RustTurtle and tried porting a python turtle example: it’s a really n… source:

RT @poplconf: @rustlang Here's the link to Ralf's POPL 2018 paper, "RustBelt: Securing the Foundations of the Rust
Programming La… source:

RT @poplconf: Ralf Jung, a PhD student at MPI-SWS and Saarland University, talks about working on formal foundations for… source:

RT @newrustacean: The final @rustbeltrust interview, and my favorite of the bunch. Katie Nolan had done *no* @rustlang and very littl… source:

RT @newrustacean: 4 more @rustbeltrust micro-eps! 1 left—my favorite of them all—then into the Increasing @rustlang’s Reach shows.… source:

RT @rozgo: My team is expanding… hiring 3 more engineers (for a lean team of 5) doubling down on , blockchain, VR/AR… source:

RT @sdroege_: I wrote a .@gstreamer plugin that works like a "rec" button, of course in @rustlang. Details and some comments abou… source:

RT @csharp_company: This is a guide for creating a Rust DLL and calling it from C#. We will cover native return values as well as struc… source:

RT @slsoftworks: OMG @FirefoxNightly's JavaScript Debugger supports debugging & source maps for @rustlang in -compiled we… source:

RT @arvidep: build real static @rustlang executables (no ldso/libc needed) for lots of targets can be as easy as… source: