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Rust Language

RT @newrustacean: Bonus 10: “Becoming a Contributor”—my @rustbeltrust 2017 talk about contributing to @rustlang… or any other ecosystem!

(… source:

RT @Sunjay03: Waterloo participant who started learning Rust 4 hours ago: "The compiler is so nice!"

Huge compliment for the @… source:

RT @PirminKalberer: rust-postgis 0.6.0 with support for Geometry and GeometryCollection released. source:

RT @mariogmd: After 2 days coding and reading documentation I finally completed migration from to of my Presentation Mana… source:

RT @alfiedotwtf: Check out @lynaghk's recent talk at @rustlang Melbourne.

Kevin discussed prototyping a search-based, desktop user interfa… source:

RT @paoloteti: Experiment 1: @rustlang on top of @ZephyrIoT on running a simple task using crc crate. https://… source:

RT @rahulthakoor: Anyone trying to cross-compile @rustlang for @Raspberry_Pi 1, Zero or Zero W can follow instructions at… source:

RT @japaricious: For an extra cost of ~2.6KB (.text) my CoAP server now supports JSON requests and responds in JSON as well

Micr… source:

RT @pganssle: Just published my *very basic* program for automation in response to gitlab / github webhooks. I am actually using this, but… source:

RT @Jonhoo: Come write @rustlang with me in ~90 minutes over at! We're doing asynchronous ssh with futures and toki… source:

RT @RustFest: And that's it! The CfP is closed.

Thanks to everyone who submitted!
The team will now get to vote and select the talks. source:

RT @RustNairobi: It’s meetup time again 💃

@swissgathu will be showing us how to improve Python performance with @rustlang 😃 He’ll be manip… source:

RT @pi_pi314: All of this is implemented in pure rust. It's mostly idiomatic, but not very safe. Safety has to be worked on source:

RT @pi_pi314: Alright, now I've got everything I need to implement a kernel heap and proper memory management. All I need for that is an al… source: