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Rust Language @rustlang

RT @Wraithan: Clippy has been teaching me so much about how to write better @rustlang if you are rusting you should using it for sure. source:

RT @kotakmakan: @rustlang peeps, anybody ever tried using Rocket with Tokio for async? source:

RT @opensourcegeekz: Are there any online @rustlang meetups? I don't have a meetup in my city and would love to listen to talks and do some… source:

RT @cengizIO: Knowledgeable on Windows command line? VS Tools? @rustlang compiler needs your help on this relatively easy issue: https://t.… source:

RT @RustCologne: Like talking about @rustlang features as much as we do? Awesome! Let's have a round of RFC lightning talks on Sep 6! https… source:

RT @avadacatavra: Slides from my @oggcamp TLS 101 and overview of @rustlang @ServoDev and @WebAssemblyNews are at source:

RT @degausser42: What @rustlang! Awesome!

Thunderbird now uses the latest Mozilla technology based on Rust for encoding messages

https://… source:

RT @Motoblag: Thanks to @louiswu 's amazing work and tenacity, we've landed streaming support for downloads in Rusoto!… source:

RT @paulcbetts: Ahhhh @rustlang on Windows generates real PDBs so debugging with WinDbg Just Works 🎉🎉🎉🎉 source:

RT @rustconf: Thanks so much everyone! Another #rustconf is over, see you all next year! It's been great! ❤️ source:

RT @KevinHoffman: Pleased to see that Facebook's got a team working on @rustlang internally. This gives me hope for evangelization within m… source:

RT @MediaRemedial: Sergio Benitez and the Rust Rocket framework is really inspirational in terms of utilizing @rustlang… source:

RT @ubnt_intrepid: I just published a new crate named "finchers", a HTTP routing library inpired by Scala's finch.… source:

RT @classyhacker: Over 88 companies are using rust in production @rustlang @rustconf source:

RT @TashaDrew: Love @rustlang's roadmap and how it basically mirrors our plans for growing & making @habitatsh more awesome!… source: