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Rust Language

RT @bodil: In my defence, coupled with the new proc_macro API it gives REALLY good error messages during macro expansion. source:

RT @bodil: Remember that type checked HTML macro for Rust I was working on? Here it is rendering a virtual DOM tree in pure wasm. https://t… source:

RT @QuietMisdreavus: attention users of intra-doc links: i'm considering adding an explicit feature gate for it, since right now… source:

RT @matthiasendler: cargo-inspect is a little tool for teaching Rust internals.
It makes visible what Rust does behind the curtains.
Try it… source:

RT @softprops: Cool. TIL that 's ripgrep is the tool that powers @code's awesome text searching hat tip to… source:

RT @TaiShaBi: For anyone using @rustlang's Pest parser files in Sublime I added a handy syntax. Available in Package Control.… source:

RT @Skarlso: Things I learned fighting the borrow checker in @rustlang:
• Step back and think
• What type are you trying to use?
• Why are… source:

RT @Jonhoo: Time for another live-stream! This time I thought I'd tackle @rustlang futures/tokio directly. I'll explain what futures are, h… source:

RT @eetumartola: Every serious technical 3d guy should have his own renderer, so I finally bit the bullet and started mine. In @rustlang, f… source:

RT @rustrush1: In case you haven't heard: we got an opportunity to lower the ticket prices. We've secured additional financing, including s… source:

RT @QuietMisdreavus: bonus points if i can read in an existing archive so i can read/overwrite existing files and add new ones source:

RT @QuietMisdreavus: is there a thing that will allow me to create some kind of compressed package wholesale and create a directo… source: