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"OK Google!"
– 5-year-old

Care about kids and tech? You might like this short film by Mozilla's own @remixmanifesto on the complex nature of tech in the lives of families. source:

Technology is changing the way that kids engage with the world... but it's not as bad as you think. Get the download from IRL host @Veronica and media entrepreneur and mom of two @manoushz on the new episode: source:

RT @Neurosarda: Learning about the amazing work by privacy researcher and Fellow Hang Do Thi Duc on "Venmo Public By Default". Che… source:

Disinformation is out there, but it's hard to know the breadth of the problem.

You can help @nytimes track political disinformation and false claims ahead of November’s midterm elections: source:

In our latest Report, privacy researcher @RamyRaoof spoke with us about the digital threats that civil society organizations face daily.

The story 👉

(Apropos: @RamyRaoof is also speaking at this year: source:

is where web meets world — it's a seven-day celebration for, by, and about people who love the internet.

Grab tickets now to this year's festival, slated for October 22-28 in London: source:

RT @derechosdigital: ¿Quieres saber cómo es que Facebook te vende a los anunciantes? ¿Y cómo te clasifica? Toma control sobre tu yo en Face… source:

"Bots & bad actors can opportunistically commandeer or hide inside legitimate clicktivism campaigns, making the line between activism and manipulation even blurrier."

In @WIRED, Mozilla Fellow @noUpside examines the complicated state of online activism. source:

Today’s teens are the first humans who have spent their entire lives online 😨 But a new study by Common Sense Media finds it's not as bad as you think: source:

In @RWW, Mozilla Fellow @peterbihr writes about the state of responsible IoT — whether smart devices are respecting our privacy, if and how they could be regulated, and more. source:

Technology is changing the way that kids engage with the world... but it's not as bad as you think.

Get the download from Common Sense Media executive editor and mama @SierraSense on IRL. source:

This week on IRL, @Veronica and special guest @manoushz discuss surprising new study results about teens and social media: source:

Today is the *last day* of our Report 'Call for Ideas.'

If there's a topic you think we should investigate in our next report (refugee connectivity? internet shutdowns in India?), let us know.

👉 source:

RT @Pocket: Guess who’s the iOS app of the day -- we are!

Make sure you download Pocket and take your favorite pieces of content with you… source:

Thrust unexpectedly into the spotlight, Parkland student @cameron_kasky turned to social media as a platform for activism. Hear it from his point of view on IRL. source: