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Apply to be part of XRStudio this summer. You’ll have:

✔︎Cutting edge equipment (from @magicleap @htcvive @occulus)!
✔︎24/7 access to complete projects in your own time!
✔︎29 other women developing their work right there with you! source:

2015's protections for an open, equal internet are still — thankfully — intact. The fight is far from over. source:

RT @gigibsohn: Hey fans! Please don't tweet or write that 2015 rules are going away on Monday 4/23. THEY AREN'T. @AjitPaiFCC… source:

RT @jensimmons: Today’s sneak peak at what the Mozilla Developer Tools team is cooking for Variable Fonts. source:

All the tech in the world won’t matter if creators don’t have the tools to shape that technology into experiences.

To make a true impact, technology and art can’t live parallel lives, they have to intersect. source:

Mozilla Fellows help put internet users back in control of their data. Like @r3bl_ , who's building an open-source consumer tool for the GDPR era.

Learn about his project:
& then
Apply to be a Mozilla Fellow: source:

Yes, even that internet-connected picture frame is vulnerable to hackers.

Mozilla's @sarahaghd spoke with @readersdigest about smart devices + cybersecurity best practices. source:

Last year at , @NiNanjira & @nighatdad talked about building a more civil, safe internet.

Watch their talks + 3 others about inclusivity online: source:

In @Variety, Mozilla Fellow @gigibsohn discusses @MClyburnFCC's departure from the FCC:

"[She will] go down in history as one of the best FCC Commissioners of all time.” source:

Portland! Our @DesignWeekPDX open house starts tomorrow at 4pm. Come on out and do some screen printing & chat about open design! (There will be swag.) source:

Mozilla's Global Sprint — our annual open-source hackathon — is May 10 & 11.

Just one of the projects participating: @OpenHumansOrg, which is all about donating data to a good cause. source:

This Summer: XRStudio is a studio space in SF that will provide mentorship, collaboration and equipment for 30 women to develop work in machine learning & mixed reality.

Apply now / tag everyone you know: source:

Mozilla Fellowships are a transformative experience for emerging leaders concerned with making the internet a safer, more accessible resource for everyone.

Applications are due on Friday. Apply Now: source:

RT @auremoser: Have any queries about the application (CFP closes Friday!! 😱 )? Join us now 11ET, in etherpad for our AMA: http… source:

“Mozilla and Firefox would not be here without net neutrality”- Mitchell Baker @IQ2US debate . @MitchellBaker @TomWheelerFCC held support for against opponents today, let’s hope Congress is watching. source:

LIVE at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT
Mozilla Chairwoman @MitchellBaker takes the stage at Intelligence Squared to make the case for . Watch the @IQ2US livestream here 👉

Where do you stand? Cast your vote: source: