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A solar-powered LTE network. Network infrastructure that fits inside a single backpack. Connectivity for homeless shelters.

Today, Mozilla and @NSF are announcing the finalists in our $2 million competition to connect unconnected Americans. source:

RT @xeni: Oops! Venmo's 'public by default' transactions expose drug deals and other shady transactions not actually meant to be public htt… source:

RT @RooftopFilms: Who are we in this connected world, and what does it mean for us IRL? Join us and @mozilla for a collection of short film… source:

We're partnering with @WomenWhoTech to award a $25,000 grant to a startup focused on building privacy, transparency & accountability into their work.

Bonus: our own @MitchellBaker will be one of the judges! source:

"We're hopeful the result will help level the playing field for mobile browsers like @Firefox & foster openness that creates & sustains competition & innovation" — @DenelleDixon source:

Are you an organization eager to make the web a more secure, open, and free space?

We have sponsorship opportunities at , Mozilla's annual festival for building a better web. The details: source:


Our friend (and Mozilla Fellow) @hangdothiduc just released her latest project, Public By Default. It's a sobering look at online privacy in the era of social media.

👉 source:

In the latest IRL, @Veronica and tech reporter @ashleyrcarman explore how tech hooks users in unexpected ways. Don't miss this episode: source:

RT @giselilla: Let's dream about a web that looks as beautiful and diverse as the world - @Blackamazon


"We need to find a way to balance our own privacy and security [with] the data economy we have built."

Mozilla's @msurman spoke with @engadget about the state of the web, threats to openness, and possible solutions. source:

RT @ilana_u: Four questions we should be able to answer for every connected device: 1) Does it do what I expect it to do? 2) Does it do any… source:

RT @remixmanifesto: This , you should see what @hangdothiduc discovered about millions of Venmo users by examining a year of… source:

Today, our friend @hangdothiduc launched her latest project:, an examination of how social media exposes so much of our personal life (often without us fully understanding how).

Check it out: source:

is your opportunity to gather smart, passionate people and unpack the issues that matter most to you — from online privacy to AI accountability to net neutrality.

Want to join us in London this October? Propose a session today 👉 source:

RT @thingscon: See you in Berlin tonight!

ThingsCon Salon Berlin: Trustmark Edition
Jason Schultz (@lawgeek)… source:

RT @hangdothiduc: “The fact is, our data is in the public domain,” – One reason I made, because so much of our data… source:

RT @hangdothiduc: I can't wait for you to see

An intimate insight into the lives of a few unsuspecting people thr… source: