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Multiple security vulnerabilities has been reported by Bishopfox team[1] on project[2].

The next release of Jirafeau (3.4.1) will include security fixes and is planned 12th Mai 2018.

Upgrading Jirafeau is recommended.


As Linux's syscall are now implemented in windows, when are we supposed to summon a GNU/Windows OS ? 😮


Here is your 20GB of random data uploaded with my browser on a dockerized Jirafeau with default config:

Also, I admit that the upload process is not very robust for sush large files. Problems are identified and will probably be fixed :)

@necrosis @yunohost Jirafeau can send files of any size too ;) (even if the webserver only allows a 1MB per request)

New release 🎉 with it's docker image.

Mostly refactoring to ease translations, maintenance and little fixes.

Thanks to contributors :)

Do you think WebASM will kick javascript out from earth ?

@miwilc @fatboy yup, the account is open to any follower

RT @Snowden: 65 Senators just voted to expand an unconstitutional law permitting Trump to spy on communications with one leg in the US–with… source:

@22Decembre Openstreet map app is nice but I prefer
Also you may me interested in Yalp ;)

Now got on my Nexus 5 phone, son great !

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howdy. i'm the sheriff of bad unicode support

@LienRag Pour moi il parle de Spectre là