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Free Software Fndn.

GNU Linux-libre 4.18-gnu sources and tarballs are now available. It didn't require any deblobbing changes since -rc6-gnu. Binaries are expected to show up over the next few days: source:

Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to: source:

Introducing Ring-KDE 3.0.0! This GNU client enables industry-standard technologies to work together, and provides audio calls, video conferences, chat, screen sharing, and peer to peer file transfer between you and your friends: source:

FSF job opportunity! We're looking for a motivated and talented Boston-based individual to be our full-time Business Operations Manager. More details: source:

There are so many reasons that this story is so alarming, and one of them is that because the software delivery network is proprietary, it would have been illegal for the researchers to actually break in to confirm their suspicions: source:

New from the GNU store: our Emacs "Auto-Fill Mode" mug! Please note that Emacs' beverage replenishment functionality is still undergoing preliminary testing. source:

FSF job opportunity! We're looking for a motivated and talented Boston-based individual to be our full-time Business Operations Manager. More details: source:

Mark your calendars!!!! We're working together to eliminate as a threat to your freedom and privacy as a computer user, reader, viewer, and/or artist. Take action on the International Day Against DRM this September 18th: source:

The Free Software Directory needs you! Every Friday, volunteers meet on IRC in the channel on to add new entries, update existing ones, and talk about free software together. Learn how you can help: source:

The problem with using the smartphone app "Voatz" to cast your ballot is precisely the problem with all nonfree software: you have no way to tell if your vote has been compromised or tampered with, because you have no control over how your phone works. source:

is a great step forward for tech workers who don't want to be responsible for evil software. We urge you to stand up against ALL nonfree software: software that controls you, including what you're allowed to see, say, and download: source:

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh believes is unconstitutional, which is complete nonsense. Act today to protect a free Internet and free software: ask your congressional representatives to vote against Kavanaugh's nomination. source:

Assigning your copyright to the Free Software Foundation helps us defend the GPL and keep software free. Thank you to Federico Tedin and Siraphob Phipathananunth for assigning their copyright to the FSF! source:

Le Free Software Supporter est disponible en français. Pour voir la version française cliquez ici: source:

Libre Application Summit brings together application writers, distributions, toolkits and OS plumbers to build an eco-system that encourages building applications on free software operating systems: source:

El Free Software Supporter está disponible en español. Para ver la versión en español haz click aqui: source:

The movement is an amazing example of tech workers with consciences resisting the demand for software that abuses people. We hope you will resist building ALL nonfree software, and join our fightback against evil on 9/18: source:

The Zerocat Chipflasher and Minifree Libreboot X200 Tablet are now both certified to Respect Your Freedom. Our program helps users to find hardware that they can trust to come with freedom inside: source: