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"Now that everything has a microphone or a sensor, the amount of data [available] is just so many orders of magnitude greater," says EFF Senior Information Security Counsel Nate Cardozo about the growing use of Internet of Things devices. washingtonpost.com/news/powerp source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062781

RT @accessnow: How much content is removed from Facebook? Why are some people able to get their content back online and others aren't?

To… source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062772

RT @EFF: "Facebook fundamentally thinks they're doing a good job with content moderation and they could not be more wrong." t.co/V… source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062756

RT @EFF: Last time federal researchers experimented with tattoo recognition technology they used images taken from inmates without consent.… source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062746

Austin: you’re invited to socialize and nerd out with local Electronic Frontier Alliance members @EFFAustin tomorrow. twitter.com/EFFaustin/status/1 source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062522

Last time federal researchers experimented with tattoo recognition technology they used images taken from inmates without consent. This time they also used images from unsuspecting Flickr users.
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Phoenix: The choice of whether your information is kept private or made publicly available should be yours to make. This Thursday, join Phoenix Linux Users Group for a discussion on software and other resources for putting that power back in your hands. eff.org/event/phoenix-linux-us source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062502

RT @IFEX: Over 80 IFEX members and other groups have joined @EFF and @Article19org in sending an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, calling on… source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062468

is a threat to the creative economy and to anyone in the EU who wants to be a part of it, writes @SusanWojcicki youtube-creators.googleblog.co source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062438

A million Europeans called for changes to the to prevent censorship and surveillance: where do we stand now? t.co/oQreCEnAD4 source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062428

LAPD officers queried a Palantir automated license plate reader database 200-300 times a day in 2016, according to records obtained by @WIRED wired.com/story/drive-los-ange source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062409

RT @EFF: Berkeley: How secure are kids' apps? Discuss with Privacy Lab, a local member of the Electronic Frontier Alliance, next Tuesday. h… source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062395

Tattoo recognition technology threatens both privacy and free expression. It's time for federal researchers to stop experimenting with it.
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EFF y más de 70 grupos le dijeron a Mark Zuckerberg: Es hora que Facebook cree estándares que permitan a TODOS los usuarios apelar cuando elimina su contenido, y agregar transparencia por TODAS las decisiones de retirada de contenido que toma la compañía. eff.org/es/press/releases/eff- source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062378

Today, EFF and over 70 other groups told Mark Zuckerberg: It's time Facebook create standards that allow ALL users to appeal when it removes their content, and add transparency and accountability for ALL content removal decisions that the company makes. eff.org/press/releases/eff-hum source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062346

Use this incredible interactive tool to explore how automated license plate readers allow Atlanta police to track a single vehicle across the city. t.co/slpix28kvw source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062134

For 28 years, EFF's EFFector newsletter has chronicled the rise of the digital rights movement. Check out our archives going back all the way to 1990.

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"How do I protect my web browsing?” is one of the most common questions people ask when they start learning about digital security. Start here to learn about HTTPS, VPNs, and Tor. sec.eff.org/articles/web-brows source: twitter.com/eff/status/1062113